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Alabama USBC Open Championship Update

June 10, 2020
The Open Championship starts this weekend. Thanks to all of you that have hung in there with us and plan to bowl. The format will be different than you originally were told. The team house will have 2 teams on a pair and an open pair between the teams. Teams will alternate lanes as normal. The Doubles and Singles will have 2 doubles teams on a pair and an open pair between. We will alternate lanes as well. Good luck and good bowling!

The oil pattern this year is Stonehenge for the Open.

May 5, 2020
I am pleased to announce that the Alabama USBC Association has set dates for the Open Championship and the resumption of the Youth Championship. We have also set new dates for the Generation Gap Tournament. The Mixed Tournament has been cancelled as well as the Youth Banquet.

Open Championship dates are June 13-14, 20-21, and 27-28. We were able to negotiate the addition of Shindig Entertainment Center for the team event. Doubles and Singles will bowl at Bowlero Tuscaloosa.

The Youth Tournament has been rescheduled to bowl June 13-14 & 20-21.

The Generation Gap Tournament has been moved to July 11-12.

The format has been changed; this was not our choice. There will only be one team per pair of lanes and that team will bowl all games on one lane. For example, if you are assigned lands 5 & 6 you will only bowl on lane 5. I spoke with USBC rules and this will be allowed. This same rule applies to doubles. We will have 2 doubles teams on each pair. All 4 bowlers will bowl on one lane. The maximum teams on a squad will be 14 and doubles 40 with 80 singles.

One other rule change. You will be allowed to clean your bowling ball during competition but you may only use Isopropyl Alcohol no other approved cleaner. Before and after competition you may use approved bowling ball cleaners. I know this sounds strange but again it is straight from USBC.

Please do not call Loretta at this time. She will contact each team captain. Our policy concerning refunds remains the same as before which is you will not be allowed to re-enter the tournament should we refund your entry.

Thank you for participating in our tournaments. Look forward to seeing you in Tuscaloosa.

Charles D Easterwood, President
Alabama USBC Association, Inc
105-A Locust Street
Gadsden, AL 35901
O 256-547-0432
C 256-504-3500
F 256-459-5167

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