Tuscaloosa USBC Final Averages

The final averages of the Tuscaloosa USBC Association will be on this page starting with the 2006/2007 season.

2015/2016 Final Averages
2015-16 Tuscaloosa Final Averages are also available for download as PDF file as seen in the yearbook.
2016/2017 Mid Season Averages
Mid Season Averages as of Januaryt 1, 2017 are availalbe as PDF file for Adults and Youth bowlers.

Other state final averages, including past Tuscaloosa averages, are located at AlabamaBowling.Com Final Averages

A - C D - H I - M N - R S - Z

AMF Bama Lanes
BBL Bama Ladies
BDM Dixie Men
BKZ Kidz Zone
BMD McCorvey’s Doubles
BSD Sunday Doubles
BSM Spotters Mixed
BTNM Tuesday Night Mixed
BTS Tuesday Summer Mixed
BTAS Tuscaloosa Tire All-Stars
BWNM Wednesday Nite Mixers
BYAH Young At Heart
Leland Lanes
LBLM Bud Light Major Winter
LDCM Michelob Ultra Druid City Mixed
LOG Oldie Goldies
LSBD Southern B&D Auto Parts
LUK Us Kids
LUKS Us Kids Summer
LWC Women's City

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