Bryant-Denny Stadium

Tuscaloosa USBC
12th Youth City Tournament

Handicap based on 100% of 200

Two Divisions (age 12 and below & age 13 and above)
United States Bowling Congress Youth

Entry Closing Date:

February 17, 2019

Team Event
AMF Bama Lanes

Doubles & Singles
Leland Lanes

ENTRY FEE per person per event:
Bowling Fee: $ 7.00
Award Fee $ 3.00
TOTAL $10.00

February 23, 2019
10:00 AM 2:00 PM
February 24, 2019
10:00 AM 2:00 PM

Tournament Standings

Tuscaloosa Youth City Tournament Entry Form

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Tuscaloosa Youth City Tournament Rules

Tournament Description:  Open to all Tuscaloosa USBC sanctioned youth bowlers.  Handicap tournament with singles, doubles and team events with three games bowled in each event, two divisions based on age (12 and below/13 and above) plus a bumper division of singles only, bowling two games.  Optional all-events for both scratch and handicap will be available.  Scholarship funds will be awarded based on a tournament participation ratio of one to three.  This tournament is certified by the United States Bowling Congress, and USBC rules and regulations will govern this tournament unless the tournament rules state otherwise.


Tournament Dates/Times:  Tournament squad times at each bowling center are 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 pm on Saturday, February 23 and 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 24, 2019.  Bowlers must check in at least thirty minutes prior to squad time.  Late arrivals will receive zero pins for the frames missed. 


Tournament Location:  Leland Lanes and AMF Bama Lanes.


Entry Fee:  $10.00 per bowler per event; Optional All-Events Handicap and Scratch available for $5 each. 


Entry Deadline is February 17, 2019.  Payment must accompany entry form.  Submit tournament applications to Jim Spitzley or Mindy Walker. 


1.  PARTICIPANTS – The tournament is open to all Tuscaloosa USBC youth bowlers.  Youth bowlers may bowl up in the higher age bracket, but may not bowl down in the lower age bracket.  Age for the tournament is based on the youth bowler’s age as of August 1, 2018.

2.  HANDICAP – Based on 100% of 200.

3.  SCHOLARSHIP Awards This is a Scholarship tournament.  In case of ties – the total of the tied position(s) will be totaled and equally awarded.  The award amounts are based on $500 from the Tuscaloosa USBC Association plus the award fee portion of each entry fee.  Prizes will be awarded as scholarships and paid out on a ratio of 1 award for every 3 entries.  All-events (Handicap and Scratch) will be optional at a cost of $5 for handicap and $5 for scratch.


                                                DOUBLES                             SINGLES            TEAM        HCP        SCR     BUMPERS

LINEAGE FEE                            7.00                                         7.00                   7.00                                           5.00

AWARD FEE                              3.00                                        3.00                   3.00         5.00         5.00          5.00

TOTAL ENTRY                         10.00                                       10.00                 10.00         5.00         5.00         10.00

$500.00 Association Funds will be added to the prize fund as follows:  $166.00 for DOUBLES event, $166.00 for SINGLES event and $168.00 for TEAM event.

4.  ENTERING AVERAGES – Entrants will use their highest USBC sanctioned average based on a minimum of 12 or more games for the current season (minimum of 8 or more games for bumper bowlers), as of February 17, 2019.  Bowlers without an established sanctioned league average for the current season but with an established average from the previous season will use that average.  All others shall bowl with a 200 average.  The provisions of USBC rules 319a-2 and 319e do not apply.  Bowlers are responsible for verifying their own average. 

5.  DOUBLES/SINGLES EVENT – Doubles and Singles are run as one squad.  If you enter Doubles, you must enter Singles and vice versa.  Doubles are bowled first and then Singles. 

6.  MULTIPLE PARTICIPATION – A bowler may participate unlimited times in the Team event with not more than two players on the same team.  Your first Team score shall count in the All-Events total.  No bowler may bowl on two teams on the same shift.  Bowlers may only enter Doubles and Singles one time.  Bumper event is singles only and bowlers may enter once. 

7.  DRESS CODE – Bowlers may wear casual slacks, trousers, and jeans.  The jeans should not have worn, cut or tattered openings in areas that show skin or underwear.  No shorts are permitted.  During participation in any event, bowlers are not permitted to wear hats, bandanas or any type of head wear.  NO USE OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS OR PLAYING OF ELECTRONIC DEVICES, CELL PHONES OR CD PLAYERS WILL BE ALLOWED DURING PARTICIPATION IN TOURNAMENT.

8.  PROBLEMS/DISPUTES – Any problems and/or disputes which may occur and are not covered by the above tournament rules or USBC rules shall be decided upon by the Tournament Committee.

9. TOURNAMENT DISRUPTION – Premature termination of the tournament brought about by war, national emergency or emergency causes relating thereto or therefrom fire, natural disaster, or any other reason beyond the control of the Tuscaloosa USBC shall cause, to the extent required thereby, all advertised awards, guaranteed or otherwise, to be prorated in accordance with the number of entrants who have bowled in the respective event up to the time of such termination.



Tournament Committee:

Bob Gambrell          Jared Jones

Jim Spitzley             Bobby Gibson

Mindy Walker


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