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If you have an Alabama bowling item from cable or network television on a video cassette tape, and would like to see it here, please contact for details.  Some movies require Quicktime (version 4 and above) player/plug-in.  It is a free download from Apple.  Click on image to start movie.  Please be patient as the Quicktime movies are rather large.  See the details section for the exact size of the file.  Movies should begin playing as they are downloading.

Still Image Description Details
Tee up that bowling ball! What if golf, tennis, or pool used bowling balls in their sport? Exactly as you would expect Streaming Video
length 2:38
Drone flying through a bowling center The video, from YouTuber jaybyrdfilms, doesn’t provide too many details, other than it was shot at Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis, and it was filmed with an FPV drone. But the footage speaks for itself. Streaming Video
length 1:27
Bowler sets record by slinging perfect 300 game in less than 90 seconds Ben Ketola is a good bowler, and recently at the 281 Bowl lanes in Cortland, New York put that to the test. He set up all 10 lanes and then raced from lane to lane, rolling a different ball in each one, knocking down all 10 pins each time. After covering all 10, and then the final two lanes to close out the line, the final result? A perfect 300 game in 86.2 seconds. Streaming Video
length 1:47
Yahoo Sports
Bad Boy of Bowling: an ESPN 30 for 30 Short He's a wise guy who has wised up-at least a little. In this entertaining but piercing roll down memory lane, viewers will discover just who Pete Weber really is. Streaming Video
length 19:01
February 2016
AMF Parkway after the fire that destroyed the bowling center AMF Parkway Lanes was destroyed in a fire. Streaming Video
length 1:23
March 2015
Hopkinsville, KY is the home of Ebonite International Hopkinsville, KY is the home of the largest producer of bowling balls in the world. Streaming Video
length 2:17
December 2014
Sierra Lewis of Scottsboro Sierra Lewis of Scottsboro is on her way to Junior Gold Championship Tournament Streaming Video
length 2:05
July 2014
Katie Verbil sets woman's bowling record Katie Verbil sets the high series for a woman bowler Streaming Video
length 2:12
July 2012
Tom Daugherty in a winning mood. Jim Rome gives his 'Final Burn' on the PBA Tournament of Champions semi-final match. Streaming Video
length 1:40
January 2011
Auburn football team goes bowling The Auburn University football team goes bowling at AMF Auburn Lanes Streaming Video
length 2:55
December 2010
Youngest bowler ever to cash in a PBA tournament Tennessee boy, 12, earns $400 as youngest player ever to cash in a PBA tournament Streaming Video
length 3:27
May 2010
One of the top bowlers in Amherst is only ten-years-old, and she doesn't even have thumbs. Bowling has gone to the dogs: literally Streaming Video
length 2:49
November 2009
Remote Controlled Bowling Ball from 900Global Streaming Video
length 0:24
November 2009
Michael Fagan Time Warp Bowling on Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel looks at the physics of the release and ball reaction.
Streaming Video
length 5:36
December 2008
Jacob Nimitz 9-year-old bowler has striking ability
From Rockford, IL, Jacob Nimtz enters a center and places his bowling balls on the rack. The other bowlers look him over and someone asks one of his teammates, “Who is this little kid?”

Nimtz often doesn’t say much, but his teammates respond.

“He’s the kid that is going to kick your butt.”

Streaming Video
length: 1:51
November 2008
Batavia (IL) Republican
Tony Churchey at Eric DeFreitas tournament in Atlanta 14th Eric DeFreitas Scratch Tournament
From Atlanta, GA, 18 year old Jake Washington wins his first adult tournament. Watch highlights of the tournament including stepladder match featuring Alabama's Tony Churchey

Streaming Video
length: 7:53
August 2008

Guy turns garage into one lane bowling alley
Want to brush up your bowling skills without leaving the house? Then check out Tim W.'s latest project. He converted his garage into a full-functional one-lane bowling alley (Brunswick A-2 pinsetter), complete with black lights for the "cosmic" effect.

Streaming Video
2 movies each length: 0:31
January 2008
PBA Experience at Woodmere 2007 PBA Experience League
A short 3 minute snapshot of a typical league night in Montgomery, Alabama - produced in hopes of winning a visit from PBA Tour Member Chris Barnes
Streaming Video
Movie length: 3:00
July 2007
How Bowling Balls are Made
History Channel's Modern Marvels program shows how bowling balls are manufactured and why they hook.
Streaming Video
Movie length: 7:58
January 2007
He's only 17 and he's done something no bowler in history has ever done. News 10 Now's Brian Dwyer has the story of Carthage's Robert Mushtare. ESPN Outside the Lines
He's only 17 and he's done something no bowler in history has ever done. Outside the Lines explores the story of the 17 year old who claims to have bowled multiple 900 series.
Streaming Video
Movie length: 9:34
July 2006,
A League of Underdogs A League of Underdogs
Michael Price's documentary of his All Star League playoffs
(external link)
Streaming Video
Movie length: 40:06
May 2006
Rudy Kasimakis Tupelo, MS's Rudy Kasimakis gives the viewer a behind the scenes tour of a PBA tour stop Streaming Video
Movie length: 8:56
March 2006
New Huntsville City Record ASBA Hall of Fame member Ron Ware sets a new Huntsville City record with a 857 series. 1.0MB
Movie length 0:32
January 2002
WHNT, Huntsville
Charlie Chisam wins match Huntsville BA secretary and ASBA Hall of Fame member Charlie Chisam challenges WAAY sports anchor to a bowling match. 1.9MB
Movie length 1:33
June 2000
WAAY, Huntsville
Benji Grigsby talks baseball and bowling Former minor league pitcher Benji Grigsby, pitches another kind of curve ball. 1.3MB
Movie length 1:07
June 2000
WAAY, Huntsville
Timi McCorvey at the World Team Challenge finals AWBA Hall of Fame member Timi McCorvey during a World Team Challenge telecast.
Earl Anthony doing play by play commentary.
2.8 MB
Movie length 0:23
January 1997
Fox Sports

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