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48th Annual
Women's Southeastern Championship Bowling Tournament
  1. Handicap will be 90% of difference between highest USBC final 2007-08-winter league average and 210.  21or more games must have been bowled in one sanctioned league.  If no 2007-08 winter season average, an entrant shall use the highest USBC sanctioned league average as of the end of the 2008-09 season.  If no winter or summer average, a bowler may qualify if she bowled 21 games or more as April 15, 2009 (USBC).  Entrants not qualifying under these rules may bowl scratch.  City Association Secretary shall be responsible for verifying the average of individual entrants OR Average Book may be furnished.
  2. The 10 Pin Rule and Rule 319e (average A-adjustments) will APPLY – USBC 319-A#3 & #4 and 319-D will apply… “If a bowler has qualified for a prize of $300 or more in the previous 12 months, she must report her actual scores, position and amount won to the Tournament committee for possible rerating, before bowling.  Failure to do so will cause forfeit of fee and winnings.
  3. All bowlers must be USBC female members in good standing.  Any USBC female Bowler may enter.  Only one professional bowler may bowl on a team.
  4. Bowlers may enter twice in the team event (change two team members), twice in the doubles event (change 1 member), and once in the singles event.  Bowlers bowling in doubles must enter singles and vice versa.  Doubles and singles will be bowled on the same pair of lanes (doubles will be bowled first). Scores of highest team event and highest doubles event will be used for A. E. scores.
  5. The team and doubles line up, as shown on the entry form will be assigned order of bowling.  Changes on score sheets by bowlers or scorekeepers will be cause for forfeit.  Only Southeastern Officials may make changes, before bowling starts.
  6. Entries close midnight, June 3, 2009.  After the Tournament Manager has accepted an entry, entry fees cannot be refunded.  The Tournament Director and or manager reserve's the right to refuse any entry and return any entry fee.  No late entries will be accepted.  Only Certified Checks or Money Orders Accepted.
  7. Substitutes will be allowed as long as they are eligible and are checked in, with written verification of average, 1 hour before a time scheduled to bowl.  When a sub that has been requested and secured by the tournament officials, and has been added to score sheet no further changes will be made.  Squads will start on time, or as soon as lanes are available.
  8. If a bowler is late for any event, a score of zero will be given her for each frame missed.
  9. Team Captains are responsible for informing her teammates of proper dress, proper conduct during bowling and to be at the lanes 1 hour before assigned squad time.  Shorts or skirts will be allowed no shorter than 2 inches above the knees.
  10. Dates will be assigned on a first come, first served basis except the host city bowlers, who will bowl at available times.  Board Members and Teams from bidding cities will be given first choice on meeting weekend provided their time is reserved and their entry is paid by March 15, 2009.
  11. Any appeal or protest regarding tournament scores shall be made in writing to the Tournament Director.  The action of the Tourn. Committee shall be final, unless an appeal is made in accordance with Rule 329.
  12. Automatic scorer’s print out will be official scores (transposed to special score sheet).  Team captains for team events and individuals for doubles and singles will sign official score sheets.  Said signatures will be considered as final approval and only protests of obvious errors in transposing and addition will be considered valid.
  13. Prize money will be returned 100%, 90% handicap and 10% scratch. One (1) prize for at least each ten (10) entries in team, doubles, and singles.  At least one for twenty (20) in both handicap and scratch all events.  In case of a tie co-champions will be declared and the cash prizes for positions affected will be divided equally.
  14. Prize checks will be sent to Team Captains within 30 days after the close of the tournament.  Team Captains shall distribute prize money to their bowlers within 7 days.  Prize checks not cashed within 60 days will not be honored by  WSEBT.


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